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Review: Bruks Tree Surgery

Bruks tree surgery team attended our property in King Edward Avenue. Broadstairs, 1/11/2021 to reduce and shape our tall Plum tree, which had become damage by Ivy that had overwhelmed the trunk and brunches, as a result the tree suffered from the additional weigh the ivy had placed on it, causing large brunches to break off and fall. The team of four Surgeons were outstanding, they worked very hard to remove the stubborn ivy from all of the tree, then removing difficult branches to cut with their chainsaws, the end result was impressive more then one third removed , leaving the plum tree in a good place to recover, they cleared all of the waste wood placing it in a chipper, then cleaned the lawn with rakes and air blowers, leaving the lawn clean and the road outside spotless where the clipper created a lot of wood dust. A very possessional team, I can't recommend then any higher. Thank you Bruk. Joe. Sam. Lanny. and colleague. I'm very pleased with the work.

Reviewed by Peter Jaeger on 02/11/2021

Review: Blain Pritchard

A client of Blain Pritchard for almost 20 years I feel I'm qualified to review their services. In the last two decades they have forgotten to invoice me and then presented me with two years invoices at once. Lost my folder of accounts, given me another clients accounts and blamed me when things have gone wrong. Why did I put up with it for so long? Because I was nervous of change and thought, "better the devil you know". I was a fool and realise it now. I'm not leaving this review because of sour grapes but because others like me may easily be intimidated to think the accountant knows best, even when you know they're wrong. It's not always easy speaking up. Now I have had the courage to move to a new accountancy firm, the emails I've received from the director of Blain Pritchard have made me realise I owe it to others to speak up. It's not been easy writing the truth as I've had to admit to myself I should have left years ago. But better late than never. I hope you appreciate my honesty and this review helps you make your decision.

Reviewed by Paula Scanlan on 09/04/2021

Review: Reclamet

Phoned up needing a replacement part for my car, Reclamet luckily had 1 in stock, very friendly and a great price too.

Reviewed by Will Jones on 04/01/2021

Review: Canterbury Website Design & SEO

I am really pleased with the SEO services that Canterbury Website Design & SEO have undertaken for my website. The local SEO services they supply me with have definitely increased the leads I am getting from my website (previously none, now at least 3-4 a week). Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Graham Richards on 06/12/2020


A great friendly jewellery brand. It's really good value, her newsletter is uplifting and fun and the jewellery is high quality. Every delivery makes me so happy - pretty packaging - so it makes a great gift.

Reviewed by Sarah Horner on 20/10/2020

Special Offer:   We're closed until further notice

Added by Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) on 29/05/2020

Special Offer:   Visit your nearest Common Room today!

Added by The Penny Theatre on 29/05/2020

Special Offer:   Reliable Service At A Competitive Price

Added by ThompsonLocksmiths on 26/05/2020